American Standard.

American Standard HVAC systems are tailored to your unique home environment and comfort needs. These systems work smarter, not harder, using just the right amount of energy to ensure your family's comfort.

American Standard Air Conditioner.

Air Conditioners

Enjoy cool, comfortable air even on the hottest days. Any American Standard air conditioner you bring home, from the versatile Platinum series to the durable Silver series, is built to a higher standard to give you quality air you can rely on.

American Standard Air Handler.

Air Handlers

Pair your air handler with an air conditioner or heat pump to efficiently heat and cool your home. Whether you pick from our top-of-the-line ForeFront™ series or our durable Silver series, your air handler will bring home the comfort your family deserves.


American Standard Ductless.

Ductless Systems

Deliver home comfort with these energy-efficient, ductless mini splits that can fit into any space.


Single-Zone Ductless Systems

A single-zone ductless system is perfect if you want to have more climate control in just one area at home. Install your system without the hassle of ductwork and enjoy individualized comfort.

Multi-Zone Ductless Systems

Customize the temperature across your home without worrying about ductwork. One outdoor unit can connect up to eight indoor units, so you can heat and cool multiple areas of your house to maintain different temperatures and comfort levels.

American Standard Gas Furnace.

Gas Furnaces

Stay warm and cozy inside with a furnace that is energy efficient and durable. American Standard gas furnaces are built to a higher standard so they can effectively burn a fuel source, like propane or natural gas, to produce heat for your home from scratch. Furnaces are great for homeowners who experience cold winters with consistently low temperatures to get the heat they need quickly.

American Standard Heat Pumps.

Heat Pumps

Enjoy dependable heating and cooling in your home with a heat pump that is both energy efficient and built to last. If you are looking for a versatile heating, cooling, and humidity control alternative to furnaces and air conditioners, a heat pump can be an excellent choice. American Standard provides a wide selection of heat pumps to provide the best in year-round comfort for any home or budget.

American Standard Indoor Air Quality.

Indoor Air Quality

Air Purification

Enjoy cleaner air and healthier surroundings with state-of-the-art air purification solutions you can trust.


Revitalize your home with an energy-efficient ventilator that promotes healthy living.

Humidity control

American Standard humidity controls are smart, energy-efficient solutions to removing unwanted humidity from your home for increased indoor comfort.

American Standard Packaged Units.

Packaged Systems

Consider an all-in-one HVAC solution that includes heating and cooling components in a single system that take up less space. Unlike split systems, these systems only use one outdoor unit and work best in mobile and modular homes or homes without basements or attics.

American Standard Thermostats.


Easy-to-use, digital thermostats that communicate with your HVAC system to put you in control of all your home comfort needs.